Thursday, January 11, 2007

Ryan from explains...

Welcome to What's Up Dell?! The purpose of this blog is to address issues and share my thoughts that are unrelated, or new to the specific incident(s) that kicked off the I Believe Dell Lied website and blog. I was recently an invitee of Dell's to join a roundtable discussion with other Dell customers, bloggers, Michael Dell and Lionel Menchaca. It occured at CES and my first few posts here may be related to that event.

So, why a whole new blog? Well, primarily the other two sites provide information that a great many people have been E-mailing me to say they find valuable. It's going to take me some time that I don't have just yet, to work out how to consolidate that information without losing the elements that are helping people, and allowing them to easily find the site. Experience tells me that a wrong, even minor, change on a site can bury it in search engine results. Or, change its value to readers. Somehow I did something right, and for now I'll leave it that way. The purpose of the DellLied site was to inform people about a specific issue, and it does. So now, What's Up Dell?! is here to express my thoughts, on whatever else my interaction with Dell brings along.

Also, along with a number of other Dell customer and bloggers, I attended the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), to meet Michael Dell - CEO and Founder of Dell Inc., Lionel Menchaca - Digital Media Manager and lifeforce of Dells company blog Direct2Dell, as well as a number of other key Dell figures. And, of course... give them some feedback, in person, about my experiences with Dell, as a customer. I'm still absorbing the experience, and I'll post my reactions soon.

So, if you want to see what went on at the roundtable with Dell, check the next post on this blog.

And, I hope you find some value in what I have to say on WhatsUpDell?!, because I may very well piss a lot of people off with my directness. That isn't my intention, but I guess that's the risk of voicing ones opinion in a public space.



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